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Motorcycle Collision Repair

RAS Motorcycle Repair accepts all insurance and offers financing for you to get your motorcycle back to the way  it was before the accident.

How the Insurance Repair Process works:

After your motorcycle arrives at RAS Motorcycle Repair, we perform a detailed inspection of all damage caused from the accident and write a detailed repair estimate itemizing all OEM part numbers and list all brands and descriptions of all aftermarket parts. The initial inspection is a visual inspection. Upon approval of the estimate by the adjuster, they will submit approval of payment to the insurance company. The insurance company then submits payment for the amount specified on the estimate less any deductible you may owe.  Once the initial estimate is approved the disassembly of the motorcycle will proceed for the repairs allowing us to perform a "disassemble inspection" of the motorcycle to confirm if any other damage was caused from the accident.  If any other damage is found at that time a supplement repair estimate will be submitted to the insurance company.

At this point we will place the order for all factory OEM & aftermarket replacement parts for each item that needs replacing and get your motorcycle ready for re-assembly as soon as the new parts arrive. We will give you an estimate of when your bike will be completed, and keep you informed of the progress.

To complete the repair process your bike is tested on the street to confirm performance, handling and overall safety.

You will be notified upon completion and will be given the option of delivery or pick up!